About Us

Located in Exeter, Nebraska, Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co. has been in operation for several decades and can provide the quality trenchless service that you need.  With several crews available, we have the capacity to meet your scheduling needs, plus provide the excellent service that you deserve.  Our drilling crews have drilled under rivers, railroads, highways, and interstates with a number of methods including but not limited to directional drilling, tunneling, auger boring, and pilot-tube for services such as water, sewer, electrical, and drainage.   We typically complete work throughout central and western United States, but will work in any geographical location needed.   

Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co. employees are our greatest asset.  We take pride in our safety, service and quality record which directly benefits you, the customer. Our employees possess several hundred years of knowledge and experience, and these same employees will provide you with the service that you deserve and need for a successful project completion.